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Why Business Travelers prefer Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

  • Leisure and business travellers alike enjoy of the uniqueness of staying in hotel alternatives.

  • For business travellers, accommodation shouldn’t just a be place to sleep, but a place to live, work and feel at home.

  • Serviced apartments offer an added perk of hotel-like comforts during your long-term stay, and are becoming increasingly popular among travellers for this very reason.

  • Short-term furnished apartments are an excellent alternative to hotels and make traveling for business a comfortable experience.

  • If you are going to be in one location for more than a few days, a short term rental apartment can make your stay a lot more comfortable. Apartments are a lot quieter than hotels because there are fewer guests staying in the same building.

Making your employees feel at home

  • We see the benefits of choosing serviced apartments over hotels, from the outstanding savings to the flexibility to matters of practicality.

  • We thrive on our great client relationships and understand your need to work with a reliable, quality provider. Whether this is your first time booking with us or you’re a long-term client, you can rest assured we will do everything we can to provide a seamless booking experience and to make your employees feel at home when they arrive. We work with travel managers and travel buyers from a diverse range of large organisations

More Space to Relax / Work

  • Provide a Better Work Environment for Employees

  • Having a short term rental means that you are getting the best of both worlds, you have a place which is comfortable and you also get a lot of space. A lot more space than you usually get in a hotel. A hotel usually consists of 2 areas, the area where the bed is and the bathroom, both of these tend to be on the small side.

  • With a short term rental you get the best of everything. The apartment is made for year round living and is therefore in essence made to be comfortable.

  • What you can often do in an apartment that you cannot do in a hotel is have the freedom to cook your own meals and have a decent table for working at. There is also a full sized bathroom which gives you the opportunity to wash and relax properly, super important if you have another full day of meetings planned for the next day.

  • You will most certainly enjoy more space in a serviced apartment. You will have a separate space to relax, work, cook and sleep. You can also hold business meetings in apartments as you will have a separate sleeping area and therefore retain your privacy. 

  • Comfortable and more spacing living areas that afford you and your family more space and privacy.

Comfortable stay

  • When business trips last longer than a week, travelers can miss their family. It is nearly impossible to bring a family on a business trip when you stay in a hotel. When you choose a furnished apartment, though, your family can travel with you and enjoy local attractions while you work. Because a furnished apartment has many of the same amenities as you do at home, such as cable television, an equipped kitchen and high-speed internet access, your family can rest comfortably in the apartment while you attend business meetings.

  • There are aspects of hotels that many business travelers enjoy. For example, when you leave your hotel room for the day, you can be certain that it will be clean when you return. You will have clean towels in your tiny bathroom and clean sheets on your bed. Travelers who stay at short-term rental housing can receive some of the same housekeeping services. Unlike housekeeping services at a hotel, where the staff clean on a daily basis, standard housekeeping in furnished apartments is provided weekly.

  • Another benefit of short-term furnished apartments for business travelers is the ability to do your own laundry. While many hotels have laundry service, they have a drop-off and pick-up schedule that isn’t convenient for everyone. The ability to launder your clothes when you need to is a luxury you will only find in a short term rental apartment while you are on your business trip.

  • Short-term housing is more likely to be located a suburban area than downtown, which may require you to drive to your business meetings. Another benefit of short term rental apartments is that you will likely find a parking space for your rental car included in with your apartment, so you will not have to worry about hotel parking fees.


  • One of the many benefits of a short let accommodation is the privacy. Because of the extra space, you can organise your apartment into separate areas for work, sleep, and rest. Weekly maid service also helps to retain privacy, ensuring you don’t get constantly interrupted. If you require a more frequent service, please do speak to your reservations manager.

Control your Diet and Well-being

  • One of the main things we hear from business travelers is that because of the nature of their travels, their diet never takes priority. They often eat in the hotel restaurant and more often than not something that they don’t really want or something which is grossly heavy in calories. With the space of a holiday apartment you get the best of both worlds. There is a kitchen and people generally have their homes close to a supermarket so finding out where it is and buying the things you actually want is not a big deal.

  • You will be surprised the amount of people who blame their weight gains on business traveling and to an extent it is true. It upsets the rhythm of daily life and prevents you from your usual routine. Being able to cook when you are on your business travels is a major plus point

  • Your employees are able to enjoy some of their own meals in an apartment setting rather than dining out every night that they are traveling

  • They might also prefer preparing their own food and might be able to make healthier choices because of it as well.

Furnished Apartments

  • Luxury bedding

  • Cookware & Kitchen utensils

  • Iron & Ironing board

  • Hair dryer

  • Heating

  • Washing machine

  • Kettle

  • Local TV channels

  • Kitchen

  • Oven

  • Toaster

  • Freezer

  • Air conditioning

  • Sofa

  • Sofa bed

  • Stove 

  • WiFi

  • Safe

  • Nespresso machine

  • Electronic door locks

  • Elevator

  • Smoke detector

  • Refrigerator

  • Baby cot on request

  • Baby high chair on request

  • Bathroom vanity

  • TV - Cable satellite tv

  • TV - Smart TV

  • Linens

  • Towels

  • Private entrance

Business Pricing Plans

  • Serviced apartment short let accommodation is at least 30% cheaper than hotels, even more if booking more than one room in a hotel.

  • In addition to this, unlike a hotel where there are no cooking facilities, serviced apartments provide fully equipped kitchen facilities, to cook those all important meals, should you fancy!

  • Food is one of the biggest expenses of business travelers. Staying in a furnished apartment for the duration of your business trip can save a significant amount of money because, with a kitchen in the unit, you can prepare your own meals.

  • Another benefit of short-term furnished apartments for business travelers is the ability to do your own laundry. While many hotels have laundry service, they have a drop-off and pick-up schedule that isn’t convenient for everyone. The ability to launder your clothes when you need to is a luxury you will only find in a short term rental apartment while you are on your business trip.

  • If you’re coming to Israel for a training course for a few days, we know that the budget available is often quite limited, but we can be a very handy way of saving money on accommodation.

  • We can provide full details of estimated costs and follow-up

Business Group

  • Are you looking for somewhere for your team to stay, we have the perfect solution for your colleagues.  Our largest apartments can accommodate teams of up to eight/ ten people.

  • Our apartments have up to four bedrooms, and offer enough space, privacy and comfort for each member of your team to make the most of their stay -- and they’re also the perfect place to get together after a day at work.

Business Services  Conciergerie

  • We know you’ll have less free time during a business trip, so AtHome-Hotel can take care of things like changing the linens, cleaning your apartment while you’re out or providing a concierge service if you need it.

  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about these services.

  • tablet

  • room Service

  • Car & Bike rentals

  • Airport Shuttle

  • Taxi

  • Guide Tours in Israel

  • Ticket Services

  • Laudry / Dry Cleaning

  • Housekeeping

  • Other food groceries

  • Make reservation at restaurants

  • Access spa & Treatment services

  • Child care 

  • & so much more


  • When you stay in our apartments, you’ll be covered by our 24/7 assistance scheme that will fix any problems you have during your stay.  And as one of our valued business customers, your requests will be given priority handling.
  • Our business guarantee also includes guaranteed Internet access, so if there are technical problems with the company providing WiFi in your apartment, we’ll provide a high-speed modem for you to use until service is restored.
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